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All off-site sourced videos on this site have been removed since hosts like Youtube and Vimeo set cookies and tracked your visit. I don’t want to do that.

Commercial video reel

Documentary video reel

If you want to watch and listen to more videos, go to this playlist on Youtube.

TV documentary

I’m the speaker in the new TV-documentary series “Dog sledding through the mountains” (Hundspann genom fjällen) premiering April 17 on Swedish public television – copyright ROADRUNNER 2016.

Exekutiv producent: William Diskay – Producent: Love Mönnig Nordgård – Exekutiv producent SVT: Mikael Österby – Klipp: Kristofer Nilsson – Berättarröst: Nils Östergren. Övriga credits visas i slutet på klippet ovan.