How to order

I have worked for years with clients “in the cloud”, I record with high-quality professional equipment and deliver fast. 

Fulfillment of my part of any given deal requires directions about style etc and answers to the following questions:

• How shall any unusual words/names be pronounced?
• Who is the end client?
• How many words are there in the manuscript?
• What is the end product(s) (in what will the recording be used)? *
• Where will the audio be published/used (media/platforms)? *
• For how long will the recording be used/public? *
• How many views/impressions do you anticipate it will receive?
• Will there be a need to synchronize the recording to time codes in the manuscript?
• Will there be a need to lip sync the recording?
• In what format must the recording be delivered?
• Will you require the recording to be split up in several individually named files? How many?
• Will you require processing of the audio?
• Deadline?

* Note that even if you are ordering a recording that will be used/published by someone else, you are always responsible for how the recording is used.

Feel free to send me the complete manuscript and state what your budget for the project is. That makes it even easier to provide you with a quote.

Confidentiality about project details you provide is guaranteed.

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