How to order

I have worked for years with clients ”in the cloud”, I record with high-quality professional equipment and deliver fast. 

Fulfillment of my part of any given deal requires directions about style etc and answers to the following questions:

• How shall any unusual words/names be pronounced?
• Who is the end client?
• How many words are there in the manuscript?
• What is the end product(s) (in what will the recording be used)? *
• Where will the audio be published/used (media/platforms)? *
• For how long will the recording be used/public? *
• How many views/impressions do you anticipate it will receive?
• Will there be a need to synchronize the recording to time codes in the manuscript?
• Will there be a need to lip sync the recording?
• In what format must the recording be delivered?
• Will you require the recording to be split up in several individually named files? How many?
• Will you require processing of the audio?
• Deadline?

* Note that even if you are ordering a recording that will be used/published by someone else, you are responsible for how the recording is used.


Please help me plan the execution of your project, set a price and formulate an offer that meets your goals and surpasses your expectations:

You can do that by indicating what you prioritize in the choice of a speaker. Simply select any of the following criteria (or enter your own) and type the most important first:

– Price
– Fast recording and delivery
– Listen and direct the recording online
– Number of style versions of the recording to choose from
– Number of ”free” new recordings due to manuscript changes
– Rights for use as long as possible
– Rights for use in as many media as possible

Confidentiality about project details you provide is guaranteed.

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