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Male Swedish voice-over - voice talent - voice actor - Nils Ostergren

Welcome to listen to Nils Östergren’s warm voice and direct his recordings online in his Swedish voice-over studio in Stockholm.




Let this Swedish voice actor get your audience to act on your message now

Will record everything from e-learning and explainer videos to major documentaries and commercials. Accented samples here. Short demos in Swedish in varying styles can be downloaded here.
Feel free to contact Nils Östergren anytime about voiceover work! If the phone or computer is on, he is on duty - if not leave a message.

The studio is online seven days a week 9 am to 11 pm (9-23) local time in Sweden. Current time in Sweden is: TimeAndDateDesign element on the homepage of Male Swedish voiceover, voice talent and voice actor Nils Ostergren.

Here’s how to get a speech recording delivered for advertisements, web videos, e-learning and documentaries

First, you need to know how the recording will sound. If none of the voice samples from my finished productions sounds the way you want, you can order a custom demo of your script in a few different styles. It is free and without obligation.

Download this file to analyze the excellent sound quality of my studio. The recording is “raw” without “mastering”, ie without the effects my end clients have processed the voice samples with.

Then you probably want to know what you get. You will be connected to the studio by phone, Skype, FaceTime or the service you prefer so that you (and your team) can listen to and direct the recording work.

If you do not want to be connected and listen, you will instead receive a multi-version recording to choose from. In that case, the basic price also includes another recording opportunity for style changes. But a new recording because of text changes and/or significant changes of instructions costs 50% of the Session Fee (see below).

You get an edited (cleared from any error), “raw” audio file (without effects). Select delivery by email, Dropbox, Wetransfer, ftp, etc.

Finally, you must know what it costs (all prices plus VAT if applicable). The price for all types of end products is the sum of a Session fee, a fee per Word, a cost for any Additional Services, a Usage Fee (0 for internal use) and any Discounts.

The Session Fee is 250 EUR (studio fee including online connection and recording). The Session Fee includes the recording of a manuscript of up to 200 words, which corresponds to about 1 min and 30 seconds of finished recording. One session can include no more than 3.000 words.

The fee per Word is at least 0,1 EUR. It is charged from word number 201. The price per word refers to “simple” texts and may need to be increased in some complex projects.

Additional Services cost 90 EUR per hour. This may include further processing of a recording such as synchronization to a finished video, delivery of the recording in several and individually named audio files, effects etc.

A Usage Fee is added if the recording will be public, ie used in any other way than internally. The size of the fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis, based on where and for how long the voice will be exposed.

Discounts on the Session Fee and the Word fee are applied with pleasure to very big and/or recurring orders.

Request a quote and free demo now. It is important that you specify the number of words in the script, where the recording will be used and for how long. Also your budget, if you can. If it is limited, we can try to design the project so that is profitable for both of us.
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Voice-overs in Swedish and in accented English with a Swedish or Scandinavian or European accent for commercials, pre-rolls, promos, billboards, narrations, explainers, webvideos, corporate, documentaries and e-learning.

Males Swedish voiceover Nils Ostergren is a member of the World-Voices Organization - a non-profit, member-driven international association for voice talents and voice actors.Vetted pro member of World Voices Organization, bound to the WoVO Best Practices Code.

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Nils Östergren – Swedish voiceover
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