Nils Östergren – male voice talent with a professional studio offering edited voice recordings for a variety of projects including explainer videos, e-learning, narration, podcasts, commercials and more.

A clear and friendly voice with medium to deep tones. Great for explainers and a variety of characters. Neutral Swedish and international English.

NilsOstergren_comThirty years in voiceover, radio and television have made me a well-known voice and name to many Swedish listeners. And I know what needs to be known about voice recording, editing, mixing and live broadcasting.

It all began in the early 1980’s. I had spent two years studying journalism at the University of Stockholm when a film producer heard my voice from the other end of a noisy bar. ”A voice making you turn around”, he said giving me my first voiceover gig.

During the remainder of the decade I voiced mostly corporate videos and audio books – and a television documentary. At the same time I worked part time as a news anchor on a local radio station and as a freelance writer. From 1990 and for more than 20 years to come, journalism became more than a half time occupation with several assignments for national radio- and TV-stations.

I quit public service radio and television in 2013 having decided to use my experience in other genres. It took some effort to get rid of the ”anchor tone”. Acting and participating in musical shows in the 90’s helped a lot and I am now fully able to adjust to most genres.

When not working a microphone I enjoy a Stockholm inner city family life and sometimes also write books, brochures, study material and video manuscripts.

I am an independent contractor working through the registered company ÖSTERGREN FRIA (”fria” means free, alluding to the freedom of self employment).

Nils Östergren
Allhelgonagatan 5, 118 58 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 70 55 99 080  Nils.Ostergren@NilsOstergren.com

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